The first Open Call for FAIR Support is over!

The first open call for FAIR support closed on June 1st with 51 applications submitted. Applicants will be informed on the decision on applications by July 2023. The support actions will begin in early autumn 2023.
06 June 2023

Preparing the FAIR-IMPACT Synchronisation Force 2023 Workshop

It's now time to start preparing the Second Synchronisation Force Workshop which will take place in Autumn 2023!
27 April 2023

Apples to apples and community-driven governance of FAIRness assessment: FAIR-IMPACT responses to EOSC FAIR Task Force papers

At the end of 2022, two groups of the EOSC Association Task Force on FAIR Metrics and Data Quality published two reports. The team working on metrics, certification and guidelines appreciated the opportunity to respond to both documents to detail the project views and intended contributions.
21 April 2023

FAIR IMPACT first Open Calls launched!

FAIR-IMPACT has just launched the first of three Open Calls for Support, offering two defined support actions designed to enhance the FAIRness of data, semantic artefacts and data-related services. Applications will be accepted until 1 June 2023.
31 March 2023

Welcome to the EOSC FAIR Champions!

We are glad to announce that 12 experts have been selected as EOSC FAIR Champions!

30 March 2023

The report of the first synchronisation workshop is out!

The FAIR-IMPACT Synchronisation Force 2022 workshop run between the 21st November and 12th December 2022. More than 120 people registered for the series of 6 online sessions. Based on the workshop input and discussions, this report provides supporting recommendations for each of the FAIR related topics discussed.
16 March 2023

Chair and co-chair of the HLAC appointed

York Sure-Vetter, professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Director of NFDI, the German National Research Data Infrastructure, and Michelle Barker, Director of the Research Software Alliance (ReSA), were appointed chair and co-chair of the FAIR-IMPACT High Level Advisory Committee.
21 February 2023

The Call for EOSC FAIR Champions is open!

FAIR-IMPACT is glad to announce the opening of its call for FAIR Champions, a group of 12 experts who will be on board to act as ambassadors for FAIR, engage their community, and advocate for adoption of the project results.
17 January 2023

Synchronisation Force Workshop 2022: datasets and slides now available

The proceedings of the FAIR-IMPACT Synchronisation Force 2022 online sessions are now available. From the event page you can download the slides presented during the sessions and the data gathered via the preliminary survey run before the event, which constituted the starting point for the discussions during the Synchronisation Force Workshop
19 December 2022

European Research Data Landscape: Final report

The European Research Data Landscape study looks at researchers’ practices in producing, reusing and depositing data, and in making it FAIR, as well as examining the research data repository landscape. It was commissioned by the European Commission and FAIR-IMPACT partners DANS and DCC contributed to it
28 November 2022