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Four use cases to implement the FAIR principles

FAIR-IMPACT identifies practices, policies, tools and technical specifications towards a FAIR data management cycle
starting with real-life use cases in four different domains.


Life science
Photon & Neutron science
Social Sciences and Humanities

FAIR-IMPACT open calls

Adoption &
implementation support


FAIR-IMPACT will boost the uptake of FAIR data principles and practices by research performing organisations, data service providers and repositories through a dedicated support programme. Through a series of open calls, interested parties can apply to implement a selection of current tools and methods and receive financial support to enable their participation. We aim to support around 50 organisations over the life of the project ensuring that different domains, geographic areas and stakeholder groups are represented.

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we go further.

Building on the successful Synchronisation Force series from the FAIRsFAIR project,
FAIR-IMPACT establishes dialogue for collaboration and harmonisation with other EOSC and FAIR related initiatives.


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More coherent implementation of PIDs and more exact data citation to support better data quality

Metadata & Ontologies

Greater and more harmonised use of semantic artefacts, leading to semantic interoperability between disciplines


Metrics, assessment tools and Trustworthy Digital Repository requirements extended to a wider range of digital research objects