Open Call for European FAIR Champions

EOSC FAIR ChampionsFAIR-IMPACT is actively engaging with stakeholder communities for the adoption of the FAIR principles. In this direction a group of 12 EOSC FAIR Champions has been on boarded to act as ambassadors for FAIR, engage their community, and advocate for adoption of the project results. The FAIR Champions will also be involved in facilitating national roadshows in their country, and will contribute to the development of FAIR implementation stories.

The candidate Champion profile

The FAIR Champions are highly visible experts actively engaged in analysing and shaping FAIR data policies and practices in their field. They are engaged in identifying research data gaps and needs within their communities, to create broader engagement with FAIR, and to shape and disseminate the outcomes of the FAIR-IMPACT project.

FAIR-IMPACT opened a call for Champions who have broad expertise in FAIR policy and/or practice, bring strong research data advocacy experience and excellent communications skills, are driven to help mobilise others to generate more FAIR data on  policy and/or practice level, and are keen to share best practices. In putting together its team of FAIR Champions, FAIR-IMPACT ensured gender diversity, a balanced geographical and stakeholder representation, and broad interdisciplinary expertise across FAIR policy and practice.

The Open Call for EOSC FAIR Champions run between January 2023 and 10 March


The call is closed -meet the selected EOSC FAIR Champions


The call looked for champions who 

  • Have a broad expertise in FAIR policy or practice 
  • Are excellent communicators and bring strong research data advocacy experience
  • Are driven to help mobilise others to generate more FAIR data be it on a policy or practice level
  • Have concrete FAIR best practices to share 


Our champions

  • Provide a good gender balance and diversity
  • Provide a balanced geographical representation across EU27 + Associated countries
  • Broad expertise in FAIR policy or practice and disciplinary coverage
  • Bring some FAIR best practices to the discussion 
  • Have good connections with disciplinary cluster projects


Benefits of becoming a FAIR Champion

  • Be part of a highly visible group of experts and inspired influencers, a new community that is actively engaged in the common effort of analysing and shaping FAIR data policies and practices and identifying technological gaps and emerging user needs
  • be a driver of competences and capacity in FAIR data principles uptake and ensuring a multi-stakeholder and cross-domain approach to the discussions and findings
  • be shaping the development and implementation of standards for data management in your discipline
  • bring in  use cases of FAIR data management to find solutions customized to your (community) needs
  • have the opportunity to be involved in facilitating the organisation of a FAIR-IMPACT National workshop in your country 
  • be able to feed in your needs/challenges/requirements in reports submitted to the EOSC Governance
  • have access to key messages to help explain to your community what FAIR is and why it is important.

Principal Tasks of the FAIR Champions

Some of the core support activities envisaged from the Champions are: 

  1. Actively engaging with their community on FAIR-IMPACT developments and advocating for results to be adopted and applied in the community using a range of methods/media;
  2. Promoting the FAIR-IMPACT open calls through their communities and networks and support the evaluation process;
  3. Meeting periodically, through conference calls, promoting a holistic vision of FAIR;
  4. Meeting face-to-face during the project timeframe in conjunction with the FAIR-IMPACT  physical conferences; travel reimbursement will be provided by the project;
  5. Providing ideas for the implementation framework and stories and facilitate their development and execution;
  6. Participating in webinars as invited speakers and contribute valuable content, upon availability;
  7. Eventually contributing to or reviewing project relevant deliverables and documents, according to their skills, area of expertise, interests, and availability.