World Digital Preservation Day

World Digital Preservation Day (WDPD) is held on the first Thursday of every November. This year we celebrate all things digital preservation on 3rd November 2022! 

The DPC invites all data creators, curators and consumers from around the world to celebrate digital preservation by participating in a whole day dedicated to all of the benefits and opportunities enabled by the hard work of our dynamic and collaborative community.

Continuing the theme ‘Data For All, For Good, Forever’ from another celebration - iPres 2022 - World Digital Preservation Day is an opportunity to showcase how digital preservation enables ‘digits to flourish.’

FAIR-IMPACT Contribution

Maaike Verburg, from DANS and member of FAIR-IMPACT, wrote a blogpost "Today is FAIR-IMPACT’s first time celebrating the World Digital Preservation Day #WDPD and we’re joining in on the party!" on how FAIR-IMPACT will contribute to improving public trust and reproducibility in science

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World Digital Preservation Day
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03 November 2022