FAIR-IMPACT on the World Digital Preservation Day

Today is FAIR-IMPACT’s first time celebrating the World Digital Preservation Day #WDPD and we’re joining in on the party!

Amongst all the amazing contributions being made today (and of course every other day of the year where preservationists are doing incredible work), we would love to share our relation to the topic and our plans for the next two-and-a-half years.


FAIR-IMPACT “Expanding FAIR solutions across EOSC” will work to enable the FAIR principles for the European Open Science Cloud across scientific communities, stakeholder groups and research outputs at a European, national and institutional level.  We aim to improve the access to and management of increasing volumes of FAIR data and other research outputs stimulating the development and uptake of a wide range of innovative services. ​By translating and implementing FAIR solutions across domains, the project will also contribute to the facilitation of multi-disciplinary scientific cooperation. Finally, with its focus on increasing FAIRness, FAIR-IMPACT will contribute to improving public trust and reproducibility in science, contributing to transforming the way researchers share and exploit research outputs, ultimately leading to better quality, validation and higher productivity of research.


One thread of activities we are specifically focusing on is metrics, certification and guidelines, we will work to advance the capabilities of Trustworthy Digital Repositories (TDRs) to curate FAIR data and software, and improve their connections to registries and discovery portals. This will take shape in a technical prototype development, as well as a general community watch, where we engage with the repository community and the EOSC Task Force Long Term Data Preservation (LTDP) to advance a European Network of FAIR-enabling TDRs. TDRs, which enable long term preservation, are an essential element in the desire to have Data for all, for good, forever. They should be better united and supported to realise data preservation in a united and dedicated way. Initial community input for this Network has been collected in the recently published Working Paper and recommendations on the creation of the Network based in part on this paper will soon be delivered by the EOSC TF LTDP to bring the realisation of the Network to its next phase. 


For the next two-and-a-half years, we will continue to keep the fire burning on these developments and work towards a better supported and integrated repository and digital object environment. And while we do all this, we could use a good playlist to listen to!


Maaike Verburg, DANS
Maaike Verburg, DANS