WP7 - Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

FAIR-IMPACT Work Package 7 is in charge of ensuring that the dissemination, exploitation and communication activities of all FAIR-IMPACT WPs is done smoothly through multiple modalities, to properly promote project results to the key targeted stakeholders.

The WP is responsible for the FAIR-IMPACT website, which will provide the “shop window” for all the project results, thematically organised. It hosts the cascading open calls for support that will run via the  TRUST-GRANTS™ platform, allowing stakeholders to receive target support for the implementation of the FAIR principle via a list of selected tools via an open, transparent and  process of application for funding and in-kind support, that the project will launch over the 36 months.

The FAIR implementation framework, which will outline tools, solutions and practical approaches, will be available on the website as well. 

The onboarding of the EOSC FAIR Champions is also under WP7 responsibility. ECF will act as ambassadors, engage their community, and advocate for adoption of the project results. Champions will help to facilitate national roadshows in their country and contribute to the development of FAIR implementation stories, showcasing the impact achieved thanks to engagement with FAIR-IMPACT, both activities under the WP7 umbrella. 

WP7 in collaboration with WP1 maintains and evolve the Synchronisation Force, whose core working team is made of an internal cross-WP group of 2 representatives per WP and chaired by DANS and Trust-IT. The Synchronisation Force will organise three online synchronisation workshops bringing together FAIR and EOSC ecosystem projects, infrastructures, and initiatives in Europe to assess the progress of work related to FAIR-IMPACT focus areas and SRIA objectives. The workshops will result in a series of reports that will form the basis of a white paper (D1.3), providing recommendations for alignment and synchronisation around FAIR practices.


Key tasks

  • Engage with all research communities at multiple levels, with a strong focus at the national level, about the FAIR-IMPACT project.
  • Deliver and maintain an ​actionable communication plan with feasible KPIs​, describing all global, outreach activities that are going to be performed to support ​stakeholders ​and their engagement
  • Setup the group of EOSC FAIR Champions and the national roadshows to maximise project results
  • Create a broader user community for EOSC with domain, gender and geographical balance;
  • Communicate FAIR adoption pathways and highlighting incentives to do so;
  • Maximise the exploitation and adoption of FAIR solutions for EOSC.

Key expected outcomes

  • An engaged community of at EU and national level promoting the project activities on PIDs, Metadata and ontologies, metrics & interoperability via comms & info materials, knowledge hub, events & workshops 
  • FAIR-IMPACT project is well positioned in EOSC and FAIR ecosystems and awareness among target stakeholders 
  • Widespread accessibility and uptake of FAIR-IMPACT key results is ensured;
  • Fostered implementation and adoption of FAIR solutions by research communities, data service providers, national level initiatives, and other stakeholders is demonstrated by providing useful implementation stories as sample plathways and engaging stakeholders in implementation workshops to stimulate interest in applying to the project open calls.
  • The project impacts are maximised by engaging ambassadors, multipliers and disseminators of the FAIR-IMPACT outputs via EOSC FAIR Champions, National roadshows and the Synchronisation Force workshops

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Partners involved

  • Trust-IT - leader
  • CNRS
  • CNR
  • CSC
  • DTU-DeiC
  • Life-Watch