Engagement, adoption and implementation (WP2)

The key objective of WP2 is to foster knowledge transfer across the project team, engage with a wide range of stakeholder communities, and to provide financial and in-kind support as well as frameworks of resources to facilitate adoption and implementation of FAIR-enabling practices.

WP2 will start by carrying out a targeted landscape of existing tools, approaches, and solutions produced by previous projects and initiatives. The resulting FAIR implementation framework of resources (D2.1) will be made accessible via the FAIR-IMPACT website to enable others to find, assess and adopt. The FAIR implementation framework will be instrumental for delivery of in-kind support to research performing organisations (RPOs), repositories and data service providers, and national level initiatives but the framework will also be openly available to support adoption by a wider range of stakeholders across Europe and globally. The framework will be updated periodically to ensure that emerging approaches, tools and resources such as those pillar WPs 3-6, those resulting from the open calls, and from ongoing related projects and initiatives are included.

The initial landscape activity will feed into the first of three open calls aiming to provide funding to buy out staff time for implementing the identified tools, approaches and solutions locally. A key aim is to support the adoption of viable approaches that have been successfully used in one domain across other domains.

Through a series of open calls for in-kind support, we will also help RPOs, repositories and data service providers, and national level initiatives to self-assessment their current FAIR-enabling practices and to develop FAIR implementation action plans drawing on the resources shared through the FAIR Implementation framework.

A number of open webinars will be delivered to ensure that information about tools, approaches and solutions identified is shared with a wider audience beyond those that will be engaged with through the open calls.

Key tasks

  • Identify, describe and share a range of FAIR-enabling tools, approaches and solutions via the FAIR Implementation Framework (T2.1)
  • Support the wider adoption and/or adaptation of identified FAIR-enabling tools, approaches and solutions with funding awarded through a series of open calls (T2.2)
  • Provide in-kind support to RPOs, repositories and national level initiatives to assess their current capabilities and to develop roadmaps to become more FAIR-enabling (T2.3)
  • Disseminate practical examples of FAIR-enabling tools, solutions and approaches via a series of public webinars (T2.4)

Key expected outcomes

The main outcome of WP2 will be increased uptake and implementation of FAIR-enabling tools, approaches and solutions at the organisational, service provider and national levels across Europe.

Related deliverables and milestones

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Partners involved

  • DANS (co-WP lead)
  • DCC (co-WP lead)
  • CSC
  • DTU-DEiC
  • Trust-IT
  • CNRS
  • Life Watch
  • CNR

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