Michelle Barker

Michelle Barker
Research Software Alliance (ReSA)



Michelle works as both the Director of the Research Software Alliance, and independently as an Open Science Consultant. Dr Michelle Barker has extensive expertise in FAIR and open science, research software, digital workforce skills and training, and digital research infrastructure. As a sociologist, Michelle is passionate about building collaborative partnerships to achieve system change.

She is an advisory board member of the RSE Asia Association and SBGrid member; chaired the OECD Expert Group on digital skills for the research sector; co-edited the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) report on Digital Skills for FAIR and Open Science; served on the OECD Expert Group on Socioeconomic Impact of Research Infrastructures; and was an Advisory Committee Member of the US Software Sustainability Institute (URSSI). Michelle is a former Director of the Australian Research Data Commons, where she led the strategic planning for the Australian government’s $180 million, five-year investment in this national programme.