Preparing the FAIR-IMPACT Synchronisation Force 2023 Workshop

FAIR-IMPACT continues a dialogue for collaboration and  harmonisation with various projects, initiatives, and actors in both EOSC and FAIR ecosystems. We do this to reduce redundancy and to ensure that solutions are more widely promoted, sustainable and can be transferred to the relevant EOSC Partnership, with the final aim to support current and future EOSC stakeholders to take the next step in implementing FAIR-enabling practices.

It's now time to start preparing the Second Synchronisation Force Workshop which will take place in Autumn 2023!

In order to learn from past editions and improve the organisation of the event, we kindly ask all participants to the 2022 edition to respond to the 4 questions below. Your feedback is extremely valuable, and it will only take you 2 minutes!

What was your role in the Synchronisation Force 2022 Workshop?
1. What did you find most useful in the workshop sessions?
2. The thematic sessions varied in format. Which format would you prefer for the 2023 workshop?
3. We invited initiatives in the EOSC and FAIR ecosystem to participate in an “invitation-only” style, to make sure that the number of participants would allow discussion. How did you like this:
4. Each of the thematic sessions lasted 90 minutes. Would you recommend the same duration for the upcoming sessions?