Towards Materials and Manufacturing Commons - the enablers Digital Marketplaces, FAIR Principles and Ontologies

The ambition to facilitate data sharing and interoperability within the Materials and Manufacturing domains is the core motivation for this event. Stemming from the OntoCommons H2020 project activities, this focused workshop provides a platform for academic researchers and industrial practitioners to meet and discuss about the Materials and Manufacturing Commons key enablers, in particular, Digital Marketplaces, FAIR Principles and Ontologies.

In this workshop, the Digital Marketplaces concept and its current status of implementation will be shown in order to continue the discussion about requirements and challenges using ontologies. Tools supporting data documentation and interoperability will be showcased, and concrete challenges, success stories, as well as experiences using ontologies will be shared.

A session and panel discussion on the future developments of Materials and Manufacturing Commons with focus on materials and manufacturing data spaces followed by interactive input collection from participants will round up the first part of the workshop and lead to the networking session in the evening.

In the second part, the FAIR principles will be introduced and existing tools and guidelines to leverage the FAIR principles in industrial context will be identified and discussed together with experts and participants.

The third day of the workshop will be dedicated to participants’ input, feedback and questions, including an open pitch session for participants. Demos of the tools provided by the ontology commons ecosystem, a virtual tour of digital marketplaces and hands-on working sessions for enhancing the FAIRness score of participants’ own ontologies will provide a tangible take-away result from the workshop. To deepen and consolidate the communication and networking between OntoCommons, the digital marketplaces, FAIR initiatives and interested users of semantic tools.

This workshop has received high attention from the European Commission (EC) and is very relevant to support the collection of feedback required for further EC incentives/initiatives related to the implementation of Materials and Manufacturing Commons. All participants are strongly invited to contribute to the discussions about the Materials and Manufacturing Commons concept and vision.

The workshop is open (no registration fee) and will take place on-site at the Fraunhofer Forum Berlin (Germany).

FAIR-IMPACT at the event

Yann LeFranc, from e-science Data Factory and involved in FAIR-IMPACT, will be involved in several presentations and activities related to FAIR data. Furthermore, Pascal Flohr (from DANS-KNAW, organisation that coordinates FAIR-IMPACT) will also speak about the project.

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Towards Materials and Manufacturing Commons - the enablers Digital Marketplaces, FAIR Principles and Ontologies
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04 April 2023 - 06 April 2023
Berlin, Germany