FAIR-EASE Second Annual Meeting

One year after the start of the project, the aim of this one-day meeting is to bring the FAIR-EASE consortium together to discuss the following topics:

  • Project main achievements
  • Update on the use cases
  • Second DevCycle
  • The EOSC Association and the various task forces

This day will be an opportunity to get together and share ideas, both in person and online.

To go beyond this state-of-the-art, the overall objective of FAIR-EASE is to customize and operate distributed and integrated services for observation and modelling of the Earth system, environment and biodiversity by improving their different components implemented in close cooperation with user-communities, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and research infrastructures in their design and sustainable availability.

FAIR-IMPACT at the event

FAIR-IMPACT attended the event to explore collaboration opportunities between both projects.

Official webpage: https://faireasemadrid.sciencesconf.org/

FAIR-EASE Second Annual Meeting
Other FAIR Events
19 September 2023
Madrid, Spain