FAIR-IMPACT's second open call for Route 2 support

FAIR-IMPACT's second open call for Route 2 support launched on 31st January, 2024. This open call includes support actions relating to:

  • creating EOSC compliant persistent identifier policies using the FAIRCORE4EOSC Compliance Assessment Tool (CAT)
  • recommendations for creating FAIR research software
  • assessing the FAIRness of research software using a tailored version of F-UJI
  • recommendations for improving the transparency and trustworthiness of data repositories
  • monitoring the research data policy landscape using FAIRsharing

FAIR-IMPACT delivered a webinar on 31st January to provide more about the support actions that are available, what financial support will be made available for each and how to apply. The hour long session also provided information on what is expected of applicants and specific skills and expertise necessary to participate in each offer. There was also time for questions from the participants.  

Registration for this webinar was free and open to all.

For more information on FAIR-IMPACT's support routes, key dates, and FAQs, please check out our dedicated webpage.

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15:00-15:05 Welcome and overview of the FAIR-IMPACT project
15:05-15:35 Overview of support offers  
15:35-15:45 Overview of the application and evaluation process
15:45-15:55 Interactive Q&A
15:55-16:00 Wrap up an next steps


FAIR-IMPACT's second open call for Route 2 support
31 January 2024