FAIR-IMPACT Community Event

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The event occurred the 16th of January from 14:00-16:30 CET as a public online session open to the global FAIR-IMPACT Community.

That was the opportunity to discuss the work FAIR-IMPACT has been undertaking, collect feedback from the people and teams who are currently receiving FAIR dedicated through our open calls, as well as debate with you on specific topics related to the driving themes of the project.

Thank you for your presence!

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Welcome and introduction


Interactive element (Mentimeter)


"Imagine you're in the 90' and the whole FAIR process is yet to be conceived. Where would you start from?"

Panel discussion with EOSC FAIR Champions, moderated by Eva Méndez, Director of OpenScienceLab at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Member of the CoARA Steering Board and of the FAIR-IMPACT HLAC

EOSC FAIR Champions panel members: 

  • Fotis Mystakopoulos, OPERAS Research Infrastructure
  • Richard Dennis, reNEW, University of Copenhagen
  • Armin Straube, University of Limerick
  • Geta Mitrea, University `Stefan cel Mare from Suceava
  • Javier de la Cueva, University of the Instituto de Empresa

Panel discussion with support action participants

Following FAIR-IMPACT first open call, successful applicants joined one of two support actions that were delivered from September to November 2023. One was a FAIRness Assessment Challenge using tools such as F-UJI, FOOPS, and O’FAIRE, and the other focused on enabling FAIR Signposting and RO-Crate to support content/metadata discovery. This panel discussion will share the experiences of some of the participants in these first two support actions. 

Chair: Joy Davidson, Digital Curation Centre

Panel members: 

  • Dieuwertje Bloemen, LIBIS @ KU Leuven
  • Agneta Ghose, DCEA, Aalborg University
  • Bora Lushaj, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Chokri Ben Romdhane, CNUDST
  • Magdalena Szuflita-Żurawska, Open Science Competence Center, Gdańsk University of Technology Library
  • Alsu Shakirzyanova, Datrix SPA
  • Dagmar Waltemath, Medical Informatics Laboratory, University Medicine Greifswald

FAIR-IMPACT core pillars: pitch session

FAIR-IMPACT partners will give a pitch on the work that the project is progressing on Persistent identifiers, Metadata and Ontologies, Metrics, certification and guidelines, Interoperability  to guide the audience choice in joining the breakout sessions after the break.

Persistent Identifiers (WP3) - Josefine Nordling, CSC
Coordinating, aligning and providing best practices for PID policies and implementation

This breakout session will give you an insight into the work on persistent identifiers. You will hear about our recommendations to create a PID coordination mechanism for EOSC PID service providers and why we think one is needed. You will also learn about what different scientific communities and infrastructures are doing to promote good PID practices. And lastly, you will be updated on the progress on working towards enabling EOSC compliant PID policies and supporting the uptake. 

Metadata and Ontologies (WP4) - Nicola Fiore and Daniel Garijo, LifeWatch. The main functionalities and characteristics of the following semantic artefact catalogues will be presented during the demo: EcoPortal, AgroPortal, EarthPortal and LOV. In particular, participants will see how the technologies are applied in different domains, showing how the Semantic Artefact publication is possible, how the DOIs are assigned to resources and the available FAIRness assessment tools can be used.

Metrics, Certification and Guidelines (WP5) - Mike Priddy and Maaike Verburg, DANS

Interoperability (WP6) - Anne Sofie Fink, DeiC, Esteban Gonzales, UPM and Olivier Rouchon, CNRS. The breakout session will be structured as Q&A about interoperability from legal, organisational, semantic and technical perspective


Coffee break


FAIR-IMPACT core pillars Breakout sessions

The audience will be invited to join group discussions around the FAIR-IMPACT pillar topics


Main takeaways from breakout sessions



FAIR-IMPACT Community Event
16 January 2024