Assessing national current FAIR-enabling capabilities

The "FAIR Implementation Workshop - Assessing national current FAIR-enabling capabilities" will take place on 14 May 2024 14:00-16:00 CEST. Confirm your registration below. Note: Registration for the workshop is free but mandatory.

Over 700 research organisations, funders, assessment authorities, professional societies, and their associations have agreed on a common direction and principles for reforming the assessment of research, researchers and research organisations, outlined in the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment. They  are also committed to implementing changes within their organisations.  

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment, CoARA, offers a platform for collaboration and mutual learning. However, given the complex substance of the reform process, providing support for institutions to test, design, and carry out in-depth institutional changes is also of paramount importance to implement the Agreement commitments.

This two-hour workshop will focus on the topic of research assessment to help the selected candidates to draft their FAIR implementation action plan by taking into account the research assessment aspect.

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14:00 Introduction Suzanne Dumouchel, CNRS
14:10 Presentation Erzsébet Toth CzifraCoARA
14:35 Questions  
14:45 Presentation Katarzyna Nawrot, CoARA
15:10 Questions  
15:40 Discussion Suzanne Dumouchel, CNRS
15:50 Next steps  



Erzsébet Toth Czifra is the Programme Manager of CoARA.  Since May 2023, Erzsébet has been the Program Manager of CoARA where she is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Coalition. As such, she also coordinates the CoARA Boost Horizon project. Erzsebet has a solid background in open science and research assessment in the Arts and Humanities disciplines. Before joining CoARA, she was the first Open Science Officer for DARIAH-EU where she promoted and implemented policies and practices related to the open dissemination of research results.She received her PhD in Cognitive Linguistics at the Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest. In recent years, her professional interests and publication activities have been shifting towards the study of data sharing, publication and evaluation practices, such as FAIR data in the Humanities,  quality assessment of innovative scholarship in the Social Sciences and Humanities or  evaluation and peer review challenges around Virtual Research Environments.  

Katarzyna Nawrot holds a PhD in Economics from the Poznan University of Economics (UEP). She is a professor at the Department of European Studies at the UEP. In the context of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA), she leads an international team working on indicators and parameters in the assessment of science. Their work is based on a community of practice. It involves the exchange of knowledge and experience. It is open to the global level and not limited to the European level.

Assessing national current FAIR-enabling capabilities
FAIR Implementation workshops
14 May 2024