Romain David

Romain David


Romain is a Research fellow - Data Steward at ERINHA AISBL (European Research Infrastructure on Highly Pathogenic Agents). He has a PhD and 20+ year exp both in terrestrial / marine ecological engineering, Life Sciences information systems and database management - network animation. Romain is a "Data Mining and graph approach" addict and a Data Management Plan with FAIR Compliance evangelizer. Involved in a BSL4 laboratories network, he has to increase sensitive data sharing dealing with high containment facilities policies and Dual Use Research Concerns.

His work involves the interoperation of large-scale observation and experimentation systems of terrestrial and marine (agro)ecosystems / health science and information systems and the dissemination of life sciences knowledge coupled with them.

Romain is particularly interested in new methods of data mining and data representation in the form of graphs. This formalisation of knowledge makes it possible to use new methods to analyse heterogeneous data, to propose scientific questions emerging from the data, and to make Scenario proposals dependent on contextual variables that can be used in the area of ​​decision support.

Romain aims to keep investiing in the development of multidisciplinary research programs and partnerships involving scientists and public actors through RDA and EOSC networks. He is a PhD-data steward skilled in life sciences database management - network animation. Experienced in Data Mining and graph approach and Data Management Plans with FAIR Compliance. He has worked for several network focused on interoperability and large scale (meta)analyses. He is focused on methods of data mining with graphs, the use of new methods to analyse heterogeneous and multi-source data, and scenario proposals dependent on contextual variables that can be used in the area of ​​decision support. Romain invests himself in the development and interoperation of multidisciplinary research programs. He has a practice of PIDs in several life sciences communities (Marine sciences, Hight throughput Plant Phenotyping, Biodiversity, BSL4 Laboratories - Health Sciences). He is participating to several demarch to build and interoperate Data steward Competences Centers in the frame of EOSC.