Geta Mitrea

Mitrea Geta
University `Stefan cel Mare from Suceava


As a teaching career Geta Mitrea started at University `Alexandru Ioan Cuza` from Iasi as an associate teaching staff during 2009-2016 followed as a university lecturer PhD at National Defence University „Carol I” from Bucharest, Romania (2019-2021). The most relevant domains of interest, where she also published papers, are: social sciences, sociology, social work, social economy, structural funds, university culture and management, security studies, defence diplomacy.

She has more than 15 years’ experience on writing, implementing and evaluating national and international projects. Also, Geta Mitrea published scientifically papers in reviews with open access. She also made profiles on different research platforms and posted her papers there, free of charge; to be accessible for any person interested in her domain of study. Her individual experience and knowledge on FAIR-IMPACT was also a priority in the past when she had to finish her PhD project and that her PhD thesis was focusing on the European Structural funds implemented at national level by universities from Universitaria consortium. In the thesis, that Geta Mitrea published later under the title ”Structural funds in Universitaria Consortium” in 2013. Geta Mitrea made a sociological analyze of the network of universities created these projects among the five universities members at this consortium and their impact. The paper is open access to persons interested to access it and cite it. At national level Geta Mitrea is a member at the National College of Social Workers in Romania and she has a profile created at Brain Map where she is an expert for evaluating different projects submitted for funding. At international level being an active member in expert Group on facilitating the use of new data sources for official statistics provided her the opportunity of being a part of an international community of researchers and scientists in different domains such as interoperability of existing data. This network of European researchers and worldwide specialists are engaged and also support the open access resources of scientifically data and try to offer solutions to re-use of data collected all over the world by different SMEs and private entities.

Also, since 2022 she became an international reviewer for ISI international Journals (e.g. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Sustainability, Social Sciences, Climate) and international conferences (SWS Social Sciences & Art Review).