Fotis Mystakopoulos

Fotis Mystakopoulos


Fotis is the Data Manager for the Research Lab of Advanced, Composite, Nano Materials & Nanotechnology (R-Nano Lab), where he is responsible for overseeing Data Management activities for projects funded by Horizon 2020/Europe. His primary role is on creating Data Management Plans (DMPs) and implementing FAIR principles for experimental data in his research lab. Fotis collaborates with various institutions across Europe through his participation in Horizon-funded projects, exchanging best practices and engaging in fruitful discussions on research data management.

Prior to his role at R-Nano Lab, Fotis worked as a metadata specialist at Solent University, where he gained valuable experience in managing collections and online discovery tools. Since 2020, he has been engaging with Open Science concepts. During his time at Bournemouth University, he played a key role in developing Research Data Management services for researchers and PhD students.

In 2021, Fotis completed his MSc in Information Science, focusing on Plan S and its impact on scholarly communications from a UK perspective. While at Brunel University, he supported researchers in publishing Open Access and helped establish the university's 1st Open Research award. While still an advocate for Open Access for scientific publications, his current focus is on identifying tools and methods to accelerate the adoption of FAIR principles throughout the wider Greek research community.