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Project deliverable

D5.1 Implementing metrics for automated FAIR digital objects assessment in a disciplinary context

Uploaded on: 30 Mar 2023

Robert Huber; Maaike Verburg; Mike Priddy; Hervé L'Hours; Joy Davidson; Hannah Mihai

FAIR-IMPACT aims to realise a FAIR EOSC using proven solutions, tools and methods developed during the FAIRsFAIR and other initiatives. One of the goals of the project is to enable the ‘FAIRification’ of different research objects such as datase.. Read more

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Project milestone

M5.1 - Reference collection of test data sets

Uploaded on: 17 Mar 2023

Robert Huber; Maaike Verburg

This report describes the FAIR-IMPACT Milestone M5.1 - Reference collection of test data sets, one of the outputs of Work Package 5 - Metrics, certification, and guidelines. The Milestone consists of a collection of links to social science da.. Read more

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