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Project milestone

M1.7 - First synchronisation workshop

Uploaded on: 13 Mar 2023

Grootveld, Marjan; Pittonet Gaiarin, Sara; Davidson, Joy; Dillo, Ingrid; O'Connor, Ryan; Marjamaa-Mankinen, Liisa; Verburg, Maaike; Jonquet, Clement

The FAIR-IMPACT Synchronisation Force workshops 2022-2024 bring together the various projects and actors in the EOSC and FAIR ecosystem to periodically assess the work undergoing around the FAIR-IMPACT focus areas. This Milestone concerns the 2022 workshop,.. Read more

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Data management plan

D1.2 - Data Management Plan

Uploaded on: 05 Dec 2022

Turner, Daniel; Kalaitzi, Vasso; Kraaikamp, Emilie

This deliverable represents the FAIR-IMPACT Data Management Plan (DMP) and is under the responsibility of the project’s Project Coordination Office. It contains a description of how the data generated, collected and processed will be managed by the FA.. Read more

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